Trading CFDs with SKY Forex

Contracts for Difference, better known in market terminology as CFDs are contractual agreements between two parties in order to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of a contract, allowing the price movement of the index or commodity specified to be speculated on. Popularity in CFDs took hold in the 1990s in London, as a type of equity swap which could be leveraged, and traded on margin.

Both asset managers and institutional traders began to use them as a cost effective hedge against stock market exposure in their portfolios. Because there are no actual shares that need to be purchased, CFDs have been made popular in recent years by online investors seeking to create healthier portfolios.

With SKY Forex clients are able to trade popular commodities such as Gold, Silver, & Oil. As well as Indices such as NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, and a many other popular stocks, without compromising on trading conditions.

Advantages of Trading CFDs with SKY Forex

  • Tight competitive spreads in both fixed and variable-ECN trading
  • Ability to short sell in market downturns
  • Trade CFDs anytime through Multiple Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet).
  • Cost Effective-Trade on Margin with 1:100 for only 1% of the transaction value.

CFD Market Hours

The CFD market opens Sunday 22:00 (GMT) and closes Friday at 21:00 (GMT)

* SKY Forex deals with rollovers on positions on a “spot” basis. This means that all positions are settled two business days from inception, as per market rules. SKY Forex will not facilitate actual physical delivery of either precious metals/commodities/ or currency.

** This information does not constitute an offer or solicitation and is provided for information purposes only. This information shall not be deemed to constitute advice and should not be relied on as such to enter into a transaction or for any investment decision. Any opinions expressed in this document represent the views of SKY Forex at the time of preparation. They are thus subject to change without notice. SKY Forex believes that the information contained herein is accurate as at the date of publication. However, no warranty of accuracy is given by SKY Forex and no liability in respect of any errors or omissions, including any third party liability, are accepted by SKY Forex or any director, officer or employee.