Funding your trading account

SKY Forex enables clients a variety of options to deposit funds into their trading account.

Bank Transfer / Wire

Bank Transfer / Wire is considered cleared fund and allows you to begin trading within your account immediately. Please use the following wiring instructions to wire funds to SKY Forex:

Please use our Secure File Uploader to upload the scanned copy of the wiring receipt to us.
Click here to submit your Credit/Debit Card info for payment processing.

Transfer Funds

You may fund your account by transferring funds to your account from an investment or brokerage account of another firm. Please use the wiring instructions above to transfer funds from your current brokerage firm.

Please note: Regardless of the funding method you choose, the originator of the funds must always match the name listed as the account holder. Under no circumstance will SKY Forex make or receive payments via third parties.